9 Bouquet Ideas to Make This Mother’s Day Special

9 bouquet ideas to make this mother’s day special

This Mother’s Day, don’t miss out on an opportunity to shower her with your love and gratitude with a gift of exquisite flowers. A beautifully designed bouquet of fresh and fragrant blooms tells her just how much she means to you. After all, flowers effortlessly communicate all the admiration you feel in your heart.

Expressing our heartfelt sentiments with words can be difficult; however, flowers make it easy. With one look at any of the radiant bouquets listed below, she’ll immediately know just how loved and appreciated she is. A bouquet is a proclamation of your love for mom, full of colour, symbolism, and delightful fragrance.

Our Favourite Flowers for Mother’s Day


When you want to show someone just how much you care, a bouquet of radiant roses is one of the first things that spring to mind. You truly can never go wrong with roses. Timeless, classic, and exceedingly gorgeous, they express the enduring love you feel for Mom.

Red roses symbolize romance, passion, and true love, which also makes them a wonderful choice for husbands and partners showering their wives in adoration this Mother’s Day. Lighter colour roses, on the other hand, capture the feelings of sweetness and appreciation that you feel towards your own mom. 

  • Red roses: Romance, passion, true love
  • Pink roses: Femininity, elegance, sweetness
  • Peach roses: Gratitude, sincerity
  • Ivory roses: Thoughtfulness, gracefulness 


Peonies possess lush, voluminous petals that radiate elegance, femininity, and beauty—perfect for mom! These gorgeous blooms appear in several Greek myths and have long been used in important Chinese and Japanese holidays (peonies date back to 1000 BC!).

Nowadays, peonies make a magnificent addition to Mother’s Day bouquets. Like roses, different colours have different meanings.

  • Red peonies: Love, passion, respect
  • Coral peonies: Elegance, happiness, abundance
  • Purple peonies: Admiration, dignity


Ranunculus flowers appear rose-like with their unfurling layers of thin and delicate petals. They’re truly breathtaking. In floral arrangements for Mother’s Day, ranunculi offer pops of gorgeous colour and textural variety.

  • Red ranunculi: Passion, romance
  • Pink ranunculi: Love, gentleness
  • Orange ranunculi: Joy, happiness
  • White ranunculi: Elegance, pure love


You won't want to miss out on the chance to give your mother a gift of stunning flowers this Mother's Day, and carnations should be at the top of your list. With their enchanting fragrance, delicate fringed petals, and vibrant hues, carnations offer a truly delightful multi-sensory experience. These qualities make carnations an attractive addition to Mother’s Day bouquets. 

  • Red carnations: Admiration, adoration
  • Pink carnations: Love, gratitude
  • White carnations: Unconditional love, purity


Tulips are a quintessential spring flower, making them a natural choice for Mother’s Day bouquets. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these flowers, their slender stems, vibrant petals, and elegant appearance. They also have a delightful fresh scent, which will fill mom’s house for days to come. 

  • Pink tulips: Grace, affection, tenderness
  • Purple tulips: Luxury, elegance
  • Orange tulips: Positivity, happiness, hope

9 Beautiful Bouquet Ideas for Mom

1. Vibrant blooms: Mama Mia!

This extraordinary blend of enchanting blooms brings an immediate brightness to the day. Its colourful array of cheerful flowers, including coral roses and yellow tulips, captures the vibrancy of your mother’s presence in your life. Our Mama Mia! bouquet is energetic, fun, and feminine. 

2. Timeless and beautiful: Lavender Love

Our Lavender Love bouquet is less punchy than the Mama Mia! and ts colour palette is our most popular, especially during Mother’s Day. Soft mauves, neutral whites, and a touch of greenery create the very image of elegance. These hues may be subdued, but they are powerfully enchanting. It’s perfect for mothers, with a timeless grace.

3. Breathtaking saga roses: She’s Grace

Remember how we said you can never go wrong with roses? This bouquet epitomizes that sentiment. This stunning bouquet contains 18 unfurling saga roses, in all their coral-pink glory. There is no better way to express your appreciation for mom. She’s Grace is uniquely designed in our signature bloom box or white ceramic pot.

4. Fruity tones: White Sangria

This bloom box is layered with peach, pink, and white delicate-ruffled blooms. It’s a beautiful and fun mix, packed with energy and enthusiasm. We love this bouquet for mothers that laugh loudly and can turn every event into a party. 

The White Sangria bloom box is a visual celebration of all your mom’s best qualities: her fun-loving spirit, positivity, and charm.

5. Bright pinks and corals: Peony Party

It can be hard to articulate the full depth of your appreciation for your mom. Fortunately, this stunning collection of peonies does the trick. 

Peonies possess a beauty that defies words, yet effortlessly conveys the love and admiration in your heart. Peony Party has a dozen stunning pink and coral peonies, hand-tied together with fresh greens in our signature tissue.

6. A bright bloom box: She’s My Sunshine

This bright bloom box has one of our cheeriest and most varied colour palettes. It’s full of dazzling bubblegum pinks, lavenders, and whites with just a touch of wispy yellows. The She’s My Sunshine bloom box is (almost) as radiant as your mom. Like her love for you, and your love for her, it’s abundant and beautiful.

7. Soft and pretty: Champagne Kisses

Champagne Kisses, available in a bloom box or vase, is a luxuriously layered collection of feminine blooms and colours. It contains an array of premium flowers, like roses, tulips, and snapdragons, in pale hues. 

With light petal pinks and off-whites, it’s a calming and enchanting sight. This bouquet is ideal for mothers who love all things soft and pretty.

8. Delicate and elegant: She’s Everything

The mom who’s everything to you deserves nothing less than the She’s Everything bouquet. This enchanting collection of blooms captures the admiration that you feel for your mother, the one who holds a special place in your heart.

The colour palette is subdued yet enchanting. Amnesia roses, soft white blooms, and muted greens form a delicate blend of beauty. It comes in our signature patterned box with an elegant satin ribbon.

9. Luxurious bloom box: No One Like Her

This is one of our most luxurious bloom boxes, filled with gorgeous feminine colours and layers of texture. Soft pinks, pale lavenders, creams, off-whites…it’s simply stunning.

It features premium blooms, including a few ruffled and glorious peonies. You’ll also see roses, tulips, and touches of green. No One Like Her shows your mom just how much she’s appreciated.

Luxury Flower Delivery With Boutique Blooms

At Boutique Blooms, all of our flower arrangements are designed by experienced artisans. Our high-end floral pieces are meticulously crafted with premium blooms that your mom will love. Each bouquet and bloom box is created in award-winning wedding designer Rachel A. Clingen’s workshop and delivered directly to you.

We do not use third-party delivery services, so we have complete control over quality and timeliness. Every piece arrives looking just as it did when it left our workshop: flawless and breathtaking. Additionally, we offer time-specific deliveries.

To learn more about our flower delivery for Mother’s Day, call Boutique Blooms at 289-819-7267 or contact us here.